Monday, November 30, 2009

Really starting

There's never a good time to start dieting. It's never convenient. It's never easy. We're always too busy. So I'm guilty and I'm ready to have a better day today!


  1. 6:30- 2 packets oatmeal
    2 scoops whey

    10:00- 4 oz sliced turkey
    2 small (6") tortillas

    1:15- 4 blocks ham
    small handful raw walnuts
    two large handfuls grapes

    5:00 (pre-wod)- 1 large chicken breast
    4 blocks broccoli
    small handful cheese

    8:15 (post-wod)- 3 scoops cytosport weight

    10:00- 2 eggs
    1 apple
    spoonful guacamole

    I finally got back all the weight I lost being sick. I'm going to have to start cutting back again. I'm slowly trying to convert from a 'zone' to paleo, I need to find a good substitute for my oatmeal though.

  2. 9:00 AM (pre-wod) - 3 Eggs, a drumstick, handful of almonds, and a banana
    12:15 (post-wod) - creatine, banana, and 60g whey
    2:00 - 1 stalk of celery with sunbutter
    4:00 - spring salad mix with canned salmon, 5 artichokes halves, whole avocado, 3 forkfuls of capers, handful of walnuts, splash of lemon juice, black pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar
    6:00 - kiwi, celery stalk with sunbutter
    8:30 - 1/4 rotisserie chicken and 1 cup of frozen veggies

  3. Day 2 - forgot my little baggie of nuts at home today. Makes for a rough day; I count on a handful of nuts every hour or so to get me through.

    8:30am (post-wod) 2 eggs with spinach, mushrooms, 2 oz steak; coffee
    1:30pm salad w/ tomatoes, cukes, ~3 oz steak; orange
    3:30pm coffee
    6:00pm apple, handful of grapes, 2 bites turkey & lettuce wrap
    8:30pm sauteed shrimp (about 3 handfuls); salad w/ tomatoes, cukes, sliced almonds, 1 date; handful of nuts

  4. I also threw in 5 1200mg capsules of fish oil at dinner