Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day #11

Is anyone surviving out there?


  1. Had a really rough one today. Still clearing out a couple of protein bars from the Austin trip. Breakfast some almonds and a protein bar. Lunch a small piece of steak. This was a recipe for disaster, so decided not to work out on an under fed, overstressed system. Excuses? Maybe but can't repair that one. Had a pity party and had some sushi for dinner closed out with my last protein bar (I really wanted donuts but opted for the sweet protein bar. On that note, all of you guys gals that do Think Thin/Builder bars...Don't lie to yourselves, they are candy bars with high protein).

  2. Sad to say I feel the same way

    8am protein bar 15-15 12 almonds

    9am CF

    10:30 protein bar 15-15

    12pm paleo chilli 6oz 12 almonds

    3pm same

    8pm same

    4vodkas-2 tequilas

    I feel good but not ready for my morning meal today. I did cheat with the booze also. Thanksgiving will be great and I am going to keep it clean with a little red wine. I have no craving for carbs like stuffing or anything(I guess it helps that I never liked the stuff). The food seems to be easy these days even when I go out. I have to admit though once a week I do have a little booze but no beer. The more frequent booze during the holidays is the issue not the food. That is my fault but such is life.