Monday, November 16, 2009

Day #1

What is your goal?
We need a destination (or goal). If you have no end point, you have no route on how to get there. Your just wandering. Yes, you can still be headed in the right general direction, but if you know exactly where your going, you can get there faster.

Know where you are starting from.
Depending on what you goal is, benchmark something. A workout time, weigh yourself, take a picture, do all-of-the-above... You have no idea how far you have come if you have no clue where you started at.

What is your goal/destination? And what is your starting point/benchmark?


  1. Starting Benchmark(s): 283 PFT, 190 lbs, 9.2% body fat, 5 rounds of Linda.

    Goal(s): 295 PFT, 186 Lbs, 6% body fat, Complete Linda.

  2. Decided to try out the Paleo before measuring out food for Zone. I try to eat pretty clean during the week, but I've always drank a ton of milk (skim) and had subway sandwiches a few times throughout the week. I usually bring all of my food to work so I have stuff to eat throughout the day, but the toughest part has been getting myself to make dinner instead of grabbing a sandwich or wrap, etc. Most of the meals won't be a big departure from what normally eat, but I think the biggest part for me will be eliminating grains and dairy.

    Day #1 (16 Nov 09)

    Pre-workout (non-CF day), 5:30 am: 1 scoop whey, 1 cup applesauce

    Post-workout, 7:00 am: 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop caesin/carb mix

    Snack, 9:30 am: 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop caesin/carb mix, handful of walnuts, 1 cup black coffee

    Snack, 11:00 am: 3 egg whites, 1 egg yolk, think thin protein bar

    Lunch, 2:30 pm: 3 egg whites, 1 egg yolk, turkey slices, handful of walnuts

    Dinner, 6:30 pm: piece of salmon and sauteed mushrooms

    Dinner #2, 7:15 pm: first meal was pretty small so had some chili (ground beef, 1/3 avocado, black olives, tomatoes)

    Ate a bunch of meals but all of them were pretty small. Only got to the grocery tonight and cooked up a bunch of stuff, so I won't have to have as many shakes and instead have more whole foods during the week. I'm interested to see how my performance during the CF WODs goes. Tues/Thurs/Sats are days when I workout twice, so tomorrow morning I'll be doing a run and a boxing workout on the heavy bag. Should be a good day, looking forward to the WOD tomorrow night.

  3. Started my day out 5am with 4oz steak, banana, 6x fish oil caps

    I was suppose to do a 5k at 730am but waited until it warmed up a bit at 930 so I guess that's my bench mark 25:47 ugh.

    Running late for client so post-workout snack (odwalla protein shake) 1030am

    1230pm 1/2 cup of walnuts

    3pm 6oz of steak 1 cup of green beans (i know, not paleo but ...) 1 sweet potato

    6pm WOD 7:06

    7pm post-workout meal 4oz of steak 1 sweet potato

    9pm Marinated korean beef (bulgogi) roughly 8oz, 1.5 cup red cabbage, 1 apple 7 fish oil caps

  4. Day one:
    Breakfast: 2 packets oatmeal (before going to gorcery store)
    Lunch #1: Tuna Steak, 2 apples, walnuts
    Lunch #2: 5 oz turkey, one apple, walnuts
    Pre-workout: 5 oz turkey, 1 slice bread, walnuts
    Post workout: 1/2 serving Cytosport weight gainer
    Dinner: Tuna steak, walnuts
    pre-bed snack: one slice turkey, horseradish sauce

  5. I sit at around 230 at 27%bf. Goal is to lose some BF. The largest I have ever been. Since starting about 5 months ago I have dropped 2 pants sizes and look and feel better. It is the beer belly that is holding me back. I am trying to go as paleo as I can.

    NO CF

    4eggs 1 yolk, 3 white

    12 raw almonds

    8oz skirt streak( to large need to cut that in half, Green Onions

    12 raw almonds

    6-7 oz Halibut with butternut squash

    small handful of walnuts

  6. Goal is to be around 180 pounds with abs. I'm weighing in at 188 right now.