Monday, November 23, 2009

Day #9

Woof! Sometimes we fall off track but what matters the most is how fast you can jump back on.


  1. This trip to Austin really makes me re-think how to stay paleo while out-of-town. Especially when your hotel room doesn't have a refrigerator.

  2. Woke up at 11 (still getting over a cold)

    Lunch (1 pm)- Half a burrito and a margarita (seeing off my friend, recommendation to anyone: don't drink at noon while you're sick)

    5pm- CrossFit (almost threw up the half burrito)

    Dinner 8pm:
    -5 oz steak
    -2 cups sauted spinach w/ handful of pine nuts
    -handful of sunflower seeds

    Got in bed at 10pm, couldn't fall asleep until almost midnight, which was weird.

  3. Okay up today at 8am which is still late for me got down 12 almonds-4 large celery sticks-4oz chicken. Going to work but still feel a bit sh*ty.

  4. no times but above plus
    4oz chicken, one apple, 2 celery sticks
    12 almonds
    steak 6 oz with a bunch of vegies
    also back on the FO didn't have any for 2 days
    So I plan to kick the training back into gear tomorrow, feeling much better this evening.

  5. Tuesday, 11/23/09

    Pre-workout, 5:30 am: 1 sc whey + water, 1 applesauce
    Post-workout, 7:00 am: 1 sc whey + milk
    Snack, 9:00 am: 4oz beef jerky, 1 apple
    Snack, 11:00 am: 3 whole eggs (hardboiled), broccoli slaw mix, 1 chicken sausage
    Snack, 1:00 pm: handful of almonds and pecans
    Lunch, 3:00 pm: steak, veggie mix
    Pre-WOD, 5:00 pm: clif builder protein bar
    Post-WOD, 7:15 pm: 1.5 sc whey + water, 5 g creatine
    Dinner, 8:00 pm: steak, 1 chicken sausage, veggie mix
    Pre-bed, 9:15: paleo chili