Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day #3

A whole lotta...
Action. Everyone has talked a whole lot about getting better, being stronger, getting healthier, getting better at their diet. What actions have you taken to get towards that goal. Are you all talk? Maybe your goal just doesn't mean that much to you? Really think about it.


  1. Forgot to post benchmarks/goals:

    Linda M2, down to Rd. 3/4
    5K (22:08 on treadmill)
    Bench Press: #225
    Front Press: #150
    Body Weight: #157
    BF %: ?, need to figure this out
    0 muscleups

    Complete Linda @ M2
    Sub 20:00 5K
    Bench Press: #250
    Weight: No target
    BF %: Less than it is now

  2. Had a couple of people ask what I eat in a typical workout day. Remember I'm trying to gain weight, and this is substantially more than what I ate when I was 195#. I'm now between 215-220. Broccoli and pecans are pretty much staples at every meal for me. They work for me, and I enjoy eating them. Quantities remain the same throughout the day.

    Meal 1 - 6 oz grilled chicken, 3 handfuls broccoli, 1 apple, 1 large handful pecans
    Meal 2 - 5 oz grass-fed sirloin tip steak, broccoli, 1 orange, pecans
    Meal 3 - repeat meal 1
    Meal 4 pre-workout - 4 oz Trader Joe's Turkey Jerky, 1 orange, pecans (7g fish oil, vitamin B complex 1 tablet, 200 mg CoQ10, Vitamin D 2000 IU, Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg, Zinc 100 mg, Magnesium 100mg) It works for me to take it pre-workout. Part of my routine. This meal is consumed about an hour before I workout.
    Meal 5 post workout - 1 1/2 scoops whey protein + 5 g creatine, 5 g L-Leucine, 8 oz natural applesauce. This is usually within 15 minutes after the workout is completed.
    Meal 6 - Repeat Meal 2
    Meal 7 - 6 oz ground beef 96/4, broccoli, pecans

    Feel free to shoot me with any questions on anything. I mix up the spices for seasoning my meat and veggies, but this is a pretty standard day for me. I don't really ever get tired of eating these things. So, at the moment it is working well for me.

    A few of my short term strength goals are.

    Squat - 350
    Deadlift - 525
    Press - 175
    Snatch 200
    Clean and Jerk - 250

  3. I've been tweaking my diet for the last 20 years or so, so my diet is generally pretty clean, but I didn't start focusing on paleo until I took the nutrition seminar in April. It was hard to give up things like grains (I love steel-cut oatmeal and crusty bread), but I managed to do it and kept it up until I went on vacation a few weeks ago. I've had a little trouble getting back on track, so I'm hoping that seeing everyone else's progress here will inspire me to clean up the diet again. I also tend to eat the same things (huge salads with many vegetables and fish or poultry, egg-white omelets with many vegetables), and it will be fun to try some new things that show up here. I also think it will be valuable to read what others are eating to improve their performances. While my goals right now are pretty modest (get my shoulders working correctly), I want to see if I can improve my times in the 5K run (sub-30 min) and 500m row (2 min or less), and start working back into all the skill work I had to abandon during rehab. I don't want to gain weight, but I do want to improve my strength.

  4. I have no clue how Bryce does it. I can not repeat meals over and over every day.

    420am 4oz pork chop (really finding a ton easier to over cook the night before and eat leftovers for breakfast) 1 sweet potato, 24 almonds, 6 fish oil caps

    Slept through snack time.

    1pm 1 sweet potato, 16 almonds

    2pm 6oz flank steak

    Packed a post workout meal but for got it at home ( I know I suck)

    930pm Steak (a ton of it, I would have to admit to about 1.5 lbs) 1 sweet potato, 16 almonds.

    This was not a good day. Lack of preparation really screwed me over. Didn't eat often enough, so when I did finally eat I was starving. Not good.

  5. Hi you guys! I am going to be looking here, and trying to use you all for support! Got to reach my goal! I will get my blog on really soon, got some free time lately~ Keep writing things down..

    I have a question- I stopped in GNC today to look at Whey Isolates and the salesman told me that I should have a post-workout with 60/40 ratio carbs-protein. Is this right? More carbs post-workout than protein? Lemme know-


  6. Wed, 11/19
    Pre-workout, 5:40 am: 1 scoop whey, 1 cup applesauce
    Post-work, 7:00 am: 1 sc whey, 1 sc caesin/carb
    Snack, 9:15 am: Balance protein bar, 2 fish oil
    Snack, 11:15 am: 3 whole eggs scrambled, 1 natural chicken sausage
    Snack, 12:30 pm: 3 egg whites, 1 apple, 2 fish oil
    Lunch, 2:30 pm: Chicken breat, steak, sauteed mushrooms/peppers
    Pre-workout, 6:00 pm: think thin protein bar
    Post-workout/dinner, 8:00 pm: chili, steak
    Pre-bed, 9:15 pm: 3 slices turkey, handful walnuts

    I cooked everything for the week on Monday night so it's been pretty easy to prepare everything into tupperwares/bags the night before to take to work. Trying to up my strength so split workouts into two short lifting segments. Weighed myself Thurs. morning--#153 (started at #157). Would like to be around #150-160 but more solid, feel pretty lean right now.

  7. Just to restate my Goal right now it is to lose BF and get my metcon times down while this happens. I use to always care about strength but f that for not. If I lose pounds on my lifts so be it because that is not my goal. I know when the time comes putting on muscle for me is no prob.

    6am CF

    40pro-16carb, 6g FO

    4-4.5 oz chicken, 1 large head broccoli, 12 raw almonds, 6g FO

    5oz chuck steak, 1 large head broccoli, 12 almonds raw, 5g FO

    12 alomonds, 5 walnuts

    1 small apple

    5oz chicken, 2 heads broccoli, 12 almonds, 6gFO

    1.5 oz Jerky from TJ's

    Ice Hockey Game

    1.5 oz Jerky TJ's