Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day #4


There are always going to be situations that test you and your dieting ability. Travel, busy day at work, stress... What kind of things do you do when you have failed to prep? Do you have a back up plan? A paleo/Zone snack? Or do we just use it as an excuse and hit a fast food joint and say I "was starving and had no other options"?


  1. Notes from TomW's sister Ann-imal about the CF Nutrition Cert w/Robb Wolf:

    If you know the basics behind the Paleo diet, read on. Over
    the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Robb Wolf Nutrition
    Certification. This was well worth the cost for anyone (trainers,
    members, owners) debating on whether to attend one or not. I'm getting
    a lot of questions about it so I compiled a list of some of the most
    valuable information I walked away with. Here we go.
    What is wrong with consuming dairy? Dairy releases a lot of insulin.
    It is ideal to not consume dairy if you are looking to lose weight.
    Why are heavy whipping cream and butter ok? They are predominately
    It is not only the food you eat that releases insulin. Both stress and
    lack of sleep also release insulin.
    Fat on your sides is insulin related (reduce carbs). Fat on your
    abdomen is cortisol related (reduce stress, increase sleep).
    Omega 3's found in grass fed meat and fish oil are anti-inflammatory.
    Always take fish oil (best consumed post WOD) with a fat source. Fish
    oil does not count towards your fat intake for the day.
    The dosage of fish oil a Crossfitter should take is .5mg (look at EPA
    and DHA #'s on label) per 10lbs of body weight per day.
    Fish oil recommended brands: Kirkland brand (available at Costco, the
    more expensive one if there is an option) and Carlson Laboratories
    lemon flavored fish oil (I bought mine on Amazon).
    Consume 50% of your daily carbs and some protein within 30 minutes of
    an intense WOD. This does not apply if you went "light" or lifting
    days as those likely will not deplete your glycogen stores. Sweet
    potatoes and other dense carbs are ideal. Don't consume any fats post
    Wild game is preferred over farm raised as wild is higher in Omega 3's.

  2. Ann's summary of the Rob Wolf seminar is great. I attended one in April, and this post was a nice refresher.
    I travel a fair amount for work, and it is a struggle to stay on track. I've gotten pretty good at avoiding fast food, and I try to make good choices at the restaurants I choose, but all-day meetings are tough, especially if there is a lunch provided with few paleo/Zone options. I also get really hungry every 3 hours or so, so I usually carry some kind of energy bar. These aren't the best option, but they're portable. Also try to get some fruit to keep in my room (and turkey, etc. if there's a refrigerator in my room). Any suggestions appreciated.

  3. Rudy,
    Just wondering what are your goals as of now? That is a lot of food for a 165er. It is only day four but I am feeling better then normal I must say.

  4. That link to CFSCC is fantastic. Making the paleo chili tonight and that should last me for a few days, but after that I am hittin up some of those recipes.

  5. Chuck, My goals are: better metcon keeping current strength numbers, getting better at pull ups, and better at running (which will be pretty damn difficult in a Chicago winter). I don't think anyone bitches about diet more than I do, because I really do think that it sucks, but can't deny the improved performance so just sucking it up as I go along.

  6. Got it! I will make you some shoe shoes for those long runs...

    Today got to sleep in so it was a late start and here we go:

    12 almonds

    10:30- omelette 3 eggs 1 yolk 2 whites, onions, tomato, and avacado. 1 Small apple. 6g FO

    for some reason just lost track of time and forgot to eat.

    20 almonds--handful of blue berries

    4 oz sliced turkey breast-4 celery stalks, 6gFO

    Dinner out at the Rose Bud. Now this was a challenge watching everyone around me eat all that whited bread, oil, and cheese. Not to mention the amazing pasta. The booze I could care less about. I think I ate well.
    some sausage with peppers, then a fish dish filled with talapia, mussels, clams, shrimp, calimari in a tomato puree no cream, cheese, or butter in the sauce (I asked but probably a bit of salt). I had them make it without the pasta. I ate a good amount but not to the point I was stuffed. This was my first test and I think it went well.

  7. 7am (aww yeah slept in baby!) 2oz of steak 1 sweet potato (couldn't stomach the steak this morning for some reason)
    9am 20 almonds (while standing in line for TSA)
    930am 1 "Wreck" salad (asked for no cheese but they jacked it up, picked out as much blue cheese as possible) 1 12 oz orange juice
    10am 20oz coffee
    3pm 1/2lb burger, bacon, guac, mushrooms, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, onion, and side of asparagus (really wasn't as good as it sounds, burger was overcooked and tasted like cardboard)
    530pm 7oz of top round roast beef (much better than the burger)
    6pm 20 almonds, 1 banana
    730pm workout at CF Central in Austin
    9pm Post WOD dinner at "Houstons" salad w/bacon, house vinegarette dressing, a nice huge slab of prime rib! I guess it was somewhere between 16-20oz, side of steamed spinach, tequilla w/lime squirt of soda.
    10pm apple, 20 almonds

    This one was the test. Traveling and eating well. I probably would have broke if Alex, Bryce, and Chris weren't here.

  8. Thursday, 11/20/09
    Pre-AM workout, 5:40 am: 1 sc. whey, 1 applesauce
    Post-AM workout, 7:00 am: 1 sc musclemilk, 4 oz steak
    Snack, 10:00 am: 3 egg whites hardboiled, 1 yolk, 4 oz steak, handful walnuts
    Snack, 11:30 am: 1 apple, handful walnuts/almonds
    Lunch, 2:00 pm: chicken breast, 1 chicken sausage, 1/2 avocado, sauteed shrooms/peppers
    Snack, 3:30: 3 egg whites, cup of mix berries
    Pre-CF WOD, 6:00 pm: think think protein bar
    Post-CF WOD, 8:00 pm: 1 sc whey, 1/2 scoop musclemilk
    Dinner: salad w/ hardboiled eggs, chicken, fish
    Pre-bed: 2 fish oil

    Dinner was probably the toughest--went to whole foods with Dave and Anajali. First time in that new store and wanted to eat everything in sight, but was able to go with the salad + protein. I was interested to see how the few days of paleo would affect my metcon, and the DL/BJ workout felt pretty good. I went for it at #185 since I'm concentrating stronger and it was easier than I expected (relatively speaking).