Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AH HA!!!

I have just learned today that there are many more lurkers than posters on this site! This page is really here for us that struggle (me especially) find ways to work around the difficult parts of sticking to your diet plan. You don't have to post your daily meals if you don't want to (but it will really help you out). Post what you need help with. Do you have a problem getting some kind of meat in for breakfast??? Post it and some other lurker will throw out a solution that has helped them. Do you prefer eggs over meat? It's not the best but it's better than not eating a protein! You can't stand nut's in the morning? How about subbing for a good fat (avocado, sun butter...) This is here to help. Use it!


  1. pre-lurking, i got into the habit of trying to incorporate more protein into my diet (and less bread/flour/grain) even at breakfast. for weekday breakfasts, i sometimes do peanut butter but from some of the blog links posted, it looks like paleo does not like my Jiff! what is the word on nut spreads (sugar, nut type)? also, the meat in the morning is challenging for me - both in terms of its appeal and prep time, so i'm looking for ideas - other than the individual packages of nuts and eggs that i sometimes throw into the morning mix. i like proscioutto/ serano/ smoked salmon (tasty and convenient) but i think those are also no-no's in the paleo book.

  2. I would love some more ideas on various types of meat others cook for breakfast.

    I usually do eggs since their quick and I've been having them for breakfast for so long. The thought of cooking up a steak or even grilling a chicken that early doesn't sound appealing. As much as I love bacon, I tend to shy away due to the fat content. What do you guys eat in the morning?

  3. Day 3 - Not enough veggies today, especially at dinner.

    Throughout the day - ~3 cups of mixed nuts (cashews, walnuts, almonds)
    8:30am - coffee; 2 eggs with spinach, mushrooms, 2 slices of bacon
    1:30pm - sauteed shrimp; salad with cukes, tomatoes, sliced almonds, 1 date
    3:30pm - orange, coffee
    5:30 pm - orange, nuts
    8:30pm - 1/2 roasted chicken (Chicken Hut)

    Jonny - I like salmon in the morning. I also sometimes have chicken or steak in the morning, but like you I just can't cook it up in the morning so I often cook it at night. I try to cook a good amount of protein on Sundays and then reheat throughout the week.

  4. akeishia, good tip on cooking the proteins on the weekend. this leads me to another question...for those in a pinch, what kind of precooked proteins do people like? where do they get them? how much do they cost? also, how does one make the cooked meat seem interesting in the morning? i prefer "kicked up" flavors vs. plain.

  5. This was a terrible diet day for me as I was away from home for most of it

    Breakfast - banana, kiwi, handful of almonds, 3 eggs with salsa

    Snack 1 - handful of almonds, celery stick with sunbutter

    Lunch - Buffalo chicken wheat wrap with pickle, which appeared to be the best option at the place I was at

    Snack 2 - handful of almonds, celery stick with sunbutter

    prewod - clif energy bar, kiwi

    postwod - creatine, 60g of whey, banana

    dinner - 1/3lb 12% lean ground beef, spring salad mix, artichoke halves, capers, and salsa

  6. Forgot to post that I had a grande soy chai latte at Starbucks today for a post lunch meeting. I felt really bad having it, but water just wasn't going to cut it.

  7. kithat --

    I buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco every Sunday. i pick it clean (white and dark meat, about 10 minutes) and get 26-30 oz of chicken and skin. I've been eating this for snacks and meal supplements during the week for seven months, and I still think it's good (even cold), though it's arguably plain. It's also the cheapest rotisserie chicken I can find anywhere (Dominicks/Jewel/Treasure Island are more $$ for less chicken that's not as tasty).
    -- beery

  8. Okay, I'm one of those "lurkers" Rudy is talking about :) So...I am a habitual breakfast eater. My breakfast always consists of:

    2-3 eggs
    2 slices turkey bacon
    1 Tbs olive oil
    2 Tbs salsa or asparagus

    This is obviously too much fat and too many eggs per week. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I don't have a lot of time in the morning to something I can either make the night before or something quick is optimal. What are others eating??

  9. Day 4 - seriously need to get to the grocery store. Out of everything = no veggies at dinner... again!

    8:30am - 2 eggs scrambled with spinach and mushrooms; 2 slices of bacon (need to finish this and not buy anymore); coffee
    12:15pm - nuts
    1:30pm - 2 handfuls of shrimp; salad with cukes, tomatoes, sliced almonds, 1 date; orange; one of those little Danish butter cookies - no excuses, it was there and I was weak!
    4:30pm - coffee, nuts
    6:30pm - orange
    8:45pm - sauteed pork chop, ~1/2 cup all natural applesauce

    I'm eating about 2 cups of nuts throughout the day. It feels like a lot! Is it too much?