Monday, December 14, 2009

The wagon

I fell off the wagon again! Not because I'm eating shit, but because I'm missing meals! I have had two meals today and zero snacks. No excuses, just tomorrow's another day. I really do think that missing meals is as bad, if not worse than eating crap. Anyways, tomorrow's another day.


  1. I've been on the same boat the last couple of days. I've been running around and I haven't taken care of my diet. My body feels weak and I try not to gorge out whenever I do eat now.

  2. Been slacking on the posts, but I've been keeping a paper log daily. Also been slacking on meal times and allowing my schedule to dictate when (and sometimes, what) I eat. I'm really trying to eat clean until Christmas. Here goes...

    Day 15
    All day - about 2 cups mixed nuts
    8:30am (post-wod) - 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, coffee
    12:30pm - paleo turkey chili (made a big batch on Sunday night and I gotta say I stuck my foot in it!)
    2:00pm - 2 crackers (not sure why)
    5:00pm - orange, coffee
    8:00pm - salad, 2 slices pizza

    Day 16
    11:00am - 1 egg, ~2oz deli ham, coffee
    1:00pm - banana, mixed nuts
    2:00pm - turkey chili
    7:00pm - steamed muscles, 2 glasses of red
    9:00pm - 2 eggs with spinach, 2 slices bacon

    Day 17
    8:30am - 2 eggs with spinach & mushrooms, 2 slices bacon, coffee
    12:45pm - banana, mixed nuts
    3:00pm - orange, mixed nuts, coffee
    6:45pm - 1/4 roasted chicken, 1/3 pita (Chicken Hut)

    Another holiday dinner and cookie swap tomorrow. When will these holiday parties end?!?!

  3. i think timing and appetite are my main problems.

    i have no problem sticking to the right foods (because really, i'm a lame cheater even when i do cheat), i just have a problem eating when i need to and eating enough of it.

    seriously, 6 cups of spinach as a portion? i can't eat that much ... no matter how i prepare it ... or 1/2c nuts?

    i can eat handfuls of food at a time if i can get my appetite up, but i can only eat so much of it and i can't necessarily keep that much variety fresh at any given time. like clementine oranges, for example. they sell them by the case and i can't eat that many in a week because i'm mixing the other fruits i may eat in there too (like apples, grapefruit, bananas, cherries, etc), so they go bad and i waste money.

    does anyone have the same problem?