Thursday, December 3, 2009


I know I have been slacking on the posting but wasn't that WGN shit pretty cool! Stay tuned for next week (hopefully) we'll be in the Red Eye. Anyways...back to the nutrition side of things.


  1. Catching up on a couple of answers:

    Kithat sunbutter is an awesome sub for peanut butter, way better than almonds butter. Proscioutto/ serano/ smoked salmon all are usually salted besides the sodium I'm ok with fatty meats (just not too much).

    ErinO' had a great comment on the main blog on using ground turkey for a quick breakfast. Mandie used to do not so much.

    I tend to over cook at dinner and save the leftovers for breakfast. Then again, I'm 100% okay with having a steak and reheated veggies at 5 in the morning.

    I'm not so good on pre-cooking on Sunday as I forget about it and half the shit goes bad. (I love that this in not the main blog and I can speak freely).

    I get my meats at Costco and the Korean Market on Kimball I get my veggies at Costco and Stanleys.

    The precooked chix at costco are usually a little higher in sodium but damn tasty, I'm a fan of the pre-cooked shrimp, I love the premarinated flanks steak in lime/cilantro that is occasionally out.

    Alison, Your okay on fat for the breakfast...what does snack, lunch, dinner look like?

    I've been horrible. I've regressed and caught back with my "Oh shit I was so busy I forgot to eat" days. So not cheating just not eating. But wasn't the WGN thing cool. That's all I got.

    Am I caught up on the blog yet?

  2. Great tips so far. To add to Erin's suggestion on ground meat+veggies, I'd suggest ground pork as an alternative to beef and turkey.

    I particularly like hitting Cermak Produce (hispanic market with mulitple locations) and the suburban Korean markets. These markets also have great seasoned meats (i.e. fajita meat at Cermak) that just need to be cooked - just haven't had it for breakfast (yet). Both markets have great prices on produce, and the Korean markets carry such an awesome variety that I buy enough for one month.

  3. kithat, Which Cermak Produce do you usually go to? I've always passed by the one on Belmont and the one on Kedzie but have never stopped in.

  4. I go to the one at 4234 N. Kedzie, b/c of proximity to me and also because it is a bigger store vs. the others. However, I think that any of them probably offer the basics that I am suggsting. The chicken/veggies fajita meat is delicious and so is the pork meat. Already cut, just cook. Hubby recently put it on a new George Foreman, super delicious. Can have with a bit of salsa, avocado.

  5. I haven't posted at all since the first time. But, I have been staying about 80% paleo. I cheat on Thrusdays at team dinners. Zoning is proving to be nearly impossible with a meal plan. I've measured before, and have a rough idea as to what it should look like, but it would be nice to be able to measure. I'll be home on break, that will help.
    My 4k time has gone from 17:39 to a 16:00 which is a HUGE jump. Really, really happy with that. I'm certain the nutrition is helping (along with busting my ass)
    Heading down to Miami, Florida for winter training two a days. Hopefully eating won't be too messed up.