Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stock up day

I think I'm going to start just posting one day for the weekend. So, consider this the Saturday/Sunday post. Today is the day to stock up your fridge and get a ton of groceries in for the week. Make it happen before you get your cheat meal in!


  1. Rudy great call on the Sunbutter. Picked up some at TJ's today. Love the flavor and how it is less thick, so it will be easier to spread than peanut butter. Tried almond butter twice before, but didn't really like it, so great tip.

  2. kithat, no problem that's what this blog is here for!

    Yesterday did a pizza and a donut, paleo kit because I was hungry, Mc'Ds large number 1 (that's a big mac if you didn't know) and a 20 piece mcNugget BBQ sauce ($16, I thought fast food was suppose to be cheap! Passed out for about an hour or two then had 4 tacos.

    Ugh! I jumped on the scale today 2 days 6.4 pounds. I'm really hoping this is a ton of water retention from super high sodium! I might have to get back to paleo to lose/maintain until Saturday.

  3. Days 6 & 7 - Weekends are always a little tough for me but I did ok. Had a planned cheat on Saturday (my first since day 1) and an unplanned cheat on Sunday (damn leftovers!).

    9:30am (post-wod) 2 egg omelette with cheddar, bacon, spinach; fruit cup; coffee
    3:45pm bbq pork bao (Wow Bao - ooh, forgot about this one. Shoot!)
    8:00pm (planned cheat) Steak, sauteed spinach, 2 mixed drinks, 1 glass of red, birthday cake

    9:00am leftover steak, 2 eggs, coffee
    1:30pm nuts, nuts and more nuts
    5:00pm leftover birthday cake (which I brought to the office on Monday to ensure no more leftover temptation)
    7:30pm roasted chicken

    OK, so I actually did not do well this weekend at all! And it's just now that I'm writing it all out that I'm realizing it. And this week will be particularly challenging with three holiday parties.

    Anybody got any good holiday party survival strategies short of standing around with a glass of water and my tupperware of mixed nuts?

  4. A. Craven, what types of holiday parties are they - restaurant, someone's home, appetizers, dinner? I have some tips to share but don't want to "ramble" so context, please.

  5. So this week, there are 2 house parties and a restaurant party. All three are more cocktails/munchies than sit down dinner. Thanks!