Friday, December 11, 2009

Last day

Sorry been slacking. This is the last day of my heart-attack diet. This will be my last post of what not to do. Back on the wagon tomorrow!


  1. kithat, we used to do that at the Sweatshop...client retention. Nothing like fattening people up for the holidays! HA!

    Speaking of fattening up, as my roller coaster of wieght gain has bounced up and down this week yesterday it was back to 163.4 (a little higher than I started) Took one last McD's meal down, another $16 banger. A #10 (10 piece McNugget meal) w/lg fires and Coke, a big mac and a filet-o-fish. That being my only meal today, I'm sure with the sodium retention I should be sitting roughly at 167/168. I probably won't be too happy if I tip the scale at 170 I gotta be somewhere under 169.4

  2. actually just found out that the free pastries every morning next week are some healthy sort of pastry that one of the trainers/instructors makes. sounds like he/she is a budding entrepreneur. wonder if any of these pastries are of the nutty type. when i was talking to the front desk people, they also made the same comment as crossfit chicago about fattening up the members! i still gotta say the fried chicken and cellephane wrapped pastries that the boxing gym had at their grand opening was the best.

  3. I got four days worth of posts to make. Here goes...

    Day 10
    8:30am - coffee, eggs with mushrooms & ~2oz steak
    1:00pm - orange, nuts
    2:30pm - finished breakfast
    3:30pm - orange, 2 dates, mixed nuts, coffee
    4:45pm - salad with cukes, tomatoes, steak; 1/2 apple with sunbutter
    7:30pm - wine tasting; too much cheese; summer sausage, mixed nuts

    Day 11
    8:00am - coffee
    10:00am - 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, 1 slice wheat toast, tomato slices (IHOP - took all I had not to order pancakes)
    11:45am - banana
    3:00pm - tomato soup (Corner Bakery), Hershey Kiss (would normally grab a small handful but now 1 does the trick - progress!)
    6:00pm - orange
    9:00pm - 1/2 roasted chicken (Chicken Hut)

    Day 12
    8:30am - coffee, banana
    11:45am - salad with tomatoes; roasted chicken; scoop of chicken salad
    3:00pm - coffee; chocolate chip cookie (it was a big cookie from Corner Bakery and I have to say I felt sick enough after I ate it that I will think twice before doing that again)
    6:00pm - 2 vodka tonics; 1 crab cake; raw veggies; 1 dumpling (holiday party #4 of the week)

    Day 13
    11:00am - 2 eggs, 3 slices bacon (thanks for the tip on nitrite free bacon, Bryce!), ~1/4 cup (uncooked measure) grits (missed the 30 minute post-wod window on this), 15 oz Naked Juice
    3:30pm - orange
    6:30pm - steak; salad with cukes, tomatoes, sliced almonds, 2 dates; glass of red wine