Thursday, December 17, 2009

Science Projects

With dieting, we are continually our own science project. I know there are a ton of lurkers so what are the things that we need for a Science Project? Let's see who was awake in Science classes.


  1. This is such a bizarre parallel to my Facebook post today. I am psyched to know this blog exists!

    I was nowhere near a science major in school, but I vaguely recall a control and a change and then a way to measure the difference between the two. Yeah?

  2. Some but not all. I'm looking for the whole thing. Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller?

  3. Let me try to get some responses here:

    #1 Define the problem...
    #2 ?
    #3 ?
    #4 ?
    #5 ?
    #6 ?
    #7 ?

  4. oh man, please don't call me a nerd but i just couldn't wait anymore for someone else to respond. so here goes:

    1. define the premise (problem)
    2. perform background research
    3. define the theorem (hypothesis)
    4. test theorem with an experiment using (x) controls and (x) factors
    5. analyze resulting data
    6. draw conclusion(s)
    7. communicate results

  5. can i go back to lurking now? ;)

    by the way, i use the google spreadsheets thingy to track my diet - anyone else use it? what do you think of it?