Friday, January 22, 2010

Your turn


Alright I'm done blabbing for now. What topics are you interested in? Or what can the community help you with? Is there anything you want to know more about? Post and let us know.


  1. Supplements! Should we be taking Calcium, Vitamin C, B, Magnesium?

  2. Paleo friendly eating out options.

  3. More specifically, I mean fast foods, since most real restaurants can make substitutions for you.

  4. Yes supplements!

    It takes forever for me to digest food as I learned the hard way post-WOD on Wednesday and Thursday. Some suggested the antibiotics I was on killed off the good digestion bacteria

    Bryce got me thinking about liquid meals pre-wod - so I did whey protein with fruit and coconut water yesterday. It worked (thanks!). Although a good pre-wod solution, I'd still like to find an efficient way to digest the other 5 calorie-rich meals I consume daily.

    Amy and Zack suggested probiotics - are there natural supplements or can I just use diet to get there?

  5. T - Robb Wolf has been talking a lot about Now Foods Super Enzymes on his podcasts. Apparently it's easy to goof up the dosage so he plans to do a short video clip on his page soon to explain how to use it. If anyone isn't subscribing to his podcasts yet I highly recommend them. Beats listening to 96.7 on the way to work.

  6. T - I posted a link just last night on my blog about the supergreen formula I've been using. It has a ton of great stuff to rebuild your system with healthy bacteria. Here its is...

  7. I tried posting what I'm up to supplement wise, but exceeded the max character count of 4,096. I'll post it on my blog at: I talk a little bit about vitamin D, magnesium, probiotics, and fish oil.

  8. Since I was in this situation today, I would like to learn is it better to miss a meal until you have a paleo option or to go ahead and cheat? My situation was that I was running late, didn't have JJ's handy paleo kits or anything prepared around, and I was going to be in meetings from 8-3. With no lunch breaks or food, I ran to the nearest fast food joint (not a whole lot of options at 7:45) and got some breakfast sausage muffin sandwiches. I removed half the bread, but it still wasn't paleo, contained high sodium, and the list goes on, but my rationale was that the high calories would help sustain me till I could eat again and it was better than let my body eat at itself (especially coming off a 3# weight drop due to illness)

  9. Thanks so much, there's so much to keep up with, so your suggestions (and tagging your blog entries) are really helpful.

  10. I got my hair cut/highlighted which provided me ample free time to read my Paleo for Athletes book... and today's chapter happened to be about vitamins/supplements. Go figure.

    Suggested supplements/vitamins:

    -Vitamin C (1 g per day)
    -Vitamin E (400 internat'l units per day - whatever that means)
    -Selenium (150-300 micrograms per day - this shows promise for reducing oxidative stress)

    Fish Oil!
    (The PfA books says the 2 active ingreds in fish oil that make it great are EPA and DHA. Consume 2-3g EPA and 1-2g DHA daily. Check your label for EPA and DHA content per capsule. Bryce says to take 0.5-1 gram per 10# body fat. My capsules have 300mg EPA and 200mg DHA each, so based on PfA I should take 10 capsules per day, based on Bryce's guidance I should take anywhere b/w 6-13 capsules per day.)

    Vitamin D - PfA says most endurance eathletes don't need this, but "those few who spend a good deal of time exercising indoors in winter months" or those who live in northern regions, because they don't get enough sun exposure. Consume (during low sun exposure days) b/w 400-800 intern'tl units. Don't take more than that b/c vit D is fat soluble and will build up in your body.

    It also said that the following are generally ineffective for endurance athletes:
    -bee pollen
    -CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10)

    Also, read this book! It's got a lot of important information for us!!

  11. Johny,

    Robb Wolf has mentioned a couple of times on his podcast that you can fast about 16 hours before your body starts breaking down muscle to fuel itself. You probably made as good a choice as possible. Usually if I do bacon or sausage in the morning, aside from downing plenty of fish oil to try and balance things out, I just try to be really clean the rest of the day and don't really feel negative effects from it.

  12. as for fast food, jimmy johns will do a sandwich with lettuce instead of bread. i bet you could make something paleo out of that. might try it tonight.

  13. go too chipolte and get a naked burrito, go to any subway and hold the bread. that is all i have right now.

  14. Don't mean to cause a commotion, but always good to hear all sides. :)
    Especially about things you're putting into your body.