Sunday, January 10, 2010


Day 1

I'm very, very impressed with how many people came out today to participate in the Paleo+ Challenge (almost 50). I know there are tons of lurkers that visit this page but remember the more you participate with questions, concerns, answers, suggestions...the stronger you build the community! Help each other out and you'll receive more help than you ever thought that you needed. Think about it!


  1. Here are some great sites for meat, supplements, etc..

    I recently found these interesting things called Pemmican bars made of meat. They are the ultimate protien bar for post wod meals, or any meals, really. Strange, I know, but a great source! I just tried the pure beef one without sea salt, honey or cherries. Didn't taste great but definitely did the trick. Anyway, the menu to the side gives you all the various shopping opportunities for meats.

    This site can give you some great wholesale prices for supplements, etc.

    Keep in mind that a good oil will have an optimal EFA profile, meaning, a good balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9. Ask someone at Whole Foods which of there oil supplements would have this balance and that should lead you to a good brand for you.

    Also, Kurt had mentioned Krill oil on Dr. Mercola's website and here's a link to that article and product...

    It seems this one speaks to that better balance of EFA's which is great. I have not tried it personally so I cannot add any personal opinion.

    Hope this helps a bit!


  2. Another option for grass-fed beef is to cow-share. In essence, purchase a share of a grass-fed cow. Most of us with smaller freezers couldn't buy much, but I found a farm called Bauer Custom Meats ( that also has a smaller package for city dwellers:

    "Sample Pack"
    we have a $100.00 sample pack of 100% grass fed beef. It consists of about 16 lbs of beef. Included are 5 lbs ground beef, a couple steaks, a chuck or arm roast, a sirloin tip or rolled rump roast, a couple round steaks and perhaps stew meat - just depends on the weights. Gives a nice sampling. We also have a $100.00 Crock Pot sample pack, about 18 lbs of meat - no steaks, more ground beef and crock pot meats.

    I definitely don't have freezer room for 16-18# of beef, but if someone wants to split this with me or we can get 10-12 people to split a 1/4 cow.

    Yummy meat!

  3. A couple of us have chatted about this one. Once we are in the new box, or possibly at the West Loop, if there's enough interest I'll buy the cow and get a chest freezer and sell it at the box. We'll revisit this one in a month or so.

  4. "Buying A Cow"

    Wasn't part of the marketing plan, but I love it. This is so much better than selling body spray and airline tickets.

  5. HA! My parents will be so happy! When I was a kid we had an entire full-size freezer dedicated to meat. We'd buy a beefalo (sexy cow meets horny buffalo and they make a baby) once every year, and that's what we ate year round. This is a great idea - let me know when you get it, I'm in.

    I already eat paleo, but for the challenge I'm going to focus on leaner and better meats like elk, venison, fish, and turkey so I'll be shopping at Amy's suggested online store so if you're thinking about wanting one or two things but don't want to order enough to meet the shipping limit let me know and if I'm putting an order in soon I'll throw it onto mine. I'm ordering this week, probably within the next two days.

  6. Since I grew up on a dairy farm, we always had a cow in the freezer (usually one that no longer produced sufficient quantities of milk to justify the upkeep; sounds harsh, I know). Anyway, I expect you will be purchasing animals raised for meat, not dairy, but you might want to keep in mind that some of the cuts (such as stew meat and probably chuck roasts) will be fattier. If you have the option of selecting only the leaner cuts, "buying a cow" sounds like a good idea.