Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More snack ideas


Alright, I got a few ideas, but not nearly enough. I want you guys to help me out a little here and give me a couple more snack ideas that are realistic on a daily basis. I really like JJ's self-prepped/sealed paleo kits. When you have a chance check out his page. I swear he must have a personal chef or his camera does wonders, but his food looks amazing.

More snack ideas please....


  1. JJ shared a "Trio" bar with me - it's mostly paleo I think only the last one or two ingredients was slightly bad - cane juice and sea salt. So, as far as bad goes, not that bad. I don't think it had any protein though, so not a balanced snack... however, it was delicious.

    I find that eating five meals a day means I don't really need to snack. I did, however, buy some plain turkey jerky, spicy turkey jerky, and bison jerky from US Wellness Meats today (they're coming in tomorrow - such FAST delivery time) so will let you know if any of those are any good.

    I think probably the best bet for snacking is nuts + organic dried fruits without sugar/salt + low sodium/organic jerky.

    My favorite paleo snack is sunbutter. I just want spoonfuls of it all the time. I say just carry the damn bottle around and a spoon. I store it in the fridge but I bet it would be fine to keep in your bag - that's my suggestion. Plus, fat satiates you fast, so if you're hungry you only need a little. Again though - not balanced. It's just fat, so find protein and carbs to go with this.In fact, I am gonna have a spoonful now.

    Meat sans refrigeration is yucky, Rudy, I'm with Erin.

  2. Snacks are hard. I was eating Zone bars, but I know they're bad, so I'm trying to avoid them (they were great for traveling, though, so I'll be tested the next few weeks as I have to be on the road for work). Generally, I keep nuts in my drawer at work and bring about an ounce of turkey or chicken and some raw vegetables (usually cauliflower because it's pretty easy to break apart and throw in a bag). Pretty boring.

  3. JJ's on to something by portioning out small snack size bags of homemade trail mix so you can moderate how much of this densely caloric snack you’re getting. I used to whip up a 3lb bag or so and put the whole mix in my desk drawer at work, which made it way too accessible and I'd just snack the whole day. For the body comp first folks doing the challenge, my suggestion would be to keep the dried fruit to some form of berry mix b/c compared to other fruits they’re lower on the GI/GL scale. Try and keep the fruit overall as the lowest per once component of your mix. Too much fruit here will make the less than 50g/day of carbs pretty tough.

    Those that are new to this and have not bought jerky before, be aware that not all jerky is created equal, read the ingredients and if the jerky doesn’t say gluten free, it’s not, compare bags as far as sodium and sugar content goes and just pick the best bag you can. If you don’t need your snacks to be truly shelf stable and you have access to a fridge and microwave, some form of ground meat/veggie mix is a much cheaper alternative and you can control the ingredients.

  4. Kerry - I'm addicted to sun butter too.
    My packable snacks are sliced apple with those little single serving almond butter things they sell at whole foods (Justin's Natural Almond Butter Squeeze Packs). If you like bars try Kind bars. They look like a better option than most bars since they are gluten free and basically just nuts and dried fruit. They sell those at WF too. Some starbucks locations are carrying them as well.

  5. Packable snacks really are a challenge with going paleo. All the normal packable snacks people eat are things like sandwiches or pre-packaged snacks, and the only reason those things work are because they're chock full of salt and preservatives to keep them good at room temperature.

    A good way to avoid the limitations of room temperature options is to get yourself a good insulated lunch container or thermos type deal. Microwave up a batch of your favorite chili or stew in the morning and take it with you. Or take it with you cold, and microwave it once at work. Leave a bag of plastic spoons at work or in the car too.

  6. I've been cooking/packaging my food at once, putting it all in a lunchbox, and carrying it around with me. Interestingly, I find carrying raw veggies that were cooled with a little water in the fridge with a ziplock lasts almost all day. I get strange looks from people as they watch me pull apart chunks of broccoli, eat whole carrots, snap peas. and celery off the stalk, but they've turned into consistent and reliable source of food. As much as I made fun of Chris and his egg-bag, the same may work for me too.