Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Packable snacks

Day 3

Alright, great suggestions on the breakfast side of things. Now to the big challenge... packable snacks. I know many of these things are going to require a bit more prep and everyone doesn't have the flexibility to snack in-front of there clients/members as I do. So let's hear what you guys got. Also, Erin O' might have to get on here about food packing/storage... I'm sure it isn't too sanitary for me to leave a chicken breast in my bag at room temp for over 4 hours (don't worry Erin, I didn't eat it). Let's continue. I love the input from the extended community (Ashley)! The community does extend beyond our walls so it's always great to hear from CrossFitters outside our box also.


  1. this first one might sound kinda silly....but since it is colder outside, you can take the opportunity too use your car sorta as a fridge too keep food cold on the run lol.

    If you know you won't be able to snack for a while than eat a little bit more before hand

    a link to grassfed resources for illinois, including restaurants and local farms.

  2. I tend to know how to stir the pot sometimes. Here's Erin's response to my post:

    Saw your post on the nutrition blog today. I may have to get a Google account just to virtually smack you around for bad food storage habits! Way to push my buttons on that one :)

    General Food Safety Guidelines:
    - Harmful bacteria begins to grow in food when the food is in the temperature range of 40F-140F.
    - When food is in this "temperature danger zone" you have about a 4 hour window to consume it. Beyond that you're looking at increased potential for illness.
    - If you are intending to hold hot foods, be sure to keep them steadily at a temperature above 140F.
    - For storage, food needs to be cooled and kept at a temperature below 40F.
    - Place food in an airtight container for storage.
    - Store raw meats/fish separately from cooked food.

    Questions on how long something will keep in the fridge/freezer? Here's my go-to site:

  3. Donna and I make our own version of paleo kits. Real paleokits from www.paleokits.org are good and support a great cause, but you can also make your own if you want more choice in what flavors or types of jerky you get and the nuts and fruits combination.

    We get all our ingredients ready, chop up the jerky to bite size, bring out the food scale and go to work. An hour later, we have 20-30 snacks ready to take anywhere. We have a food saver vacuum so we can make more at once and leave unrefrigerated (also depends on the type of jerky you use), but if you leave in the fridge and plan to eat within a week, you can just use plain old ziploc bags without vacuuming.

    You can see what our final product looks like on my blog

  4. Larabars a pretty good and quite a few of the flavors are paleo. Peanut butter and jelly was my favorite, but it's not paleo...

    They are mostly made up of dates and nuts.