Thursday, January 14, 2010


Day 5
Alright, Thanks for the snack ideas. I think everyone has a much better grasp on it now. Questions. What do you now about pre-workout nutrition? Why? When? What? If you have no clue respond with a "?" and I'll go through the ins and the outs. If I see nothing I'm assuming all the posters and the lurkers here know what they need for pre-workout nutrition. Post 'em up.


  1. I could use some guidance with pre-workout nutrition. My problem is more one of timing and quantity. If I eat too soon before a workout(sometimes even an hour beforehand) it really hinders my met cons especially (even when done later in a class). Alternatively, if I don't eat something, everything suffers! I'm working on trying a variety of snacks, playing with timing and quantity, but could definitely use some other ideas.

  2. I always used to consume simple carbs mixed with protein prior to workouts. Maybe 30-60 minutes tops. Usually frozen fruit, water or fruit juice, and whey protein blended. Without it, I'm pretty much useless. After the Paleo meeting, I've switched to just eating a meal similar to other meals throughout the day about 60-90 mins prior to WO. It's only been a couple days of doing this, but I've been told it takes a bit for the body to get used to the adjustment. I'll keep it up, because I know how important it is and I hate being worn out before the workout even begins.

  3. 4:30 a.m. (pre-6 a.m. class): About a cup of berries with 2 tsp. slivered almonds and about 2 oz of roasted turkey or grilled chicken. Thinking about switching to vegetables instead of the berries. I seem to feel better on the weekends when I have more time and I make an eggwhite omelet with vegetables sauteed in olive oil about 2 hours before class.

  4. I think I can definitely use some help in this category. I usually eat just another small meal pre-work out at least an hour out. I haven't found out what works best yet but would love some new ideas. I usually eat turkey jerky and a handful of nuts.

  5. I'm usually just eating a handful of almonds and some jerky before heading in. Normally about 1 hour before. If I'm going to a later class, I try to have a bigger meal no less than 2 hours before I head in. Anything sooner seems to want to make a reappearance during the WOD.

    This is another area that I need help in as well.

  6. 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours before the WOD I eat two or three hard-boiled eggs and a little fruit (1 or two blocks) and go to sleep. I wake up 20-30 minutes before class and feel just fine.

  7. According the the Paleo for Athletes Book (written by Loren Cordain and Joe Friel), fat is important for pre-wod meals, especially if you're doing heavier/longer/harder workouts or two-a-days.

    The book also says two things are really important for pre-workout carbs:
    -Don't eat carbs that spike your insulin pre-workout
    -Ensure that you're eating carbs that are quickly and easily digestible.

    I asked Bryce about pre-wod meals and he suggested to make the pre-wod meal just like a regular meal - include protein, carbs, and fat.

    I eat my pre-wod meal about 1- 1 1/2 hrs before class starts. I generally grab 3-4 oz. leftover meat - whatever I ate the night before, drink some coconut water (carbs), and 2 spoonfuls of sunbutter (fat).

    Coconut water does have a bit of an insulin spike, which is why I only drink it around workouts, but I should probably quit using it as a part of my pre-wod meal and get some vegetables in instead.

    I've just started trying to eat fish for my pre- and post-wod protein because it's quickly and easily digestible and those are times when you want to get nutrients into you the fastest, so we'll see how that affects my gas tank and how that affects my post-wod soreness.

  8. I need so much help with my food intake! I dont eat anywhere near enough on a daily basis! I had black coffee for breakfast. 3 slices of turkey, handful of carrots, snap peas and brocolli for lunch. protein bar at 3pm. WOD at 6:30pm. dinner was piece of fish hand ful of broiled veges. Dont you think that is too little?

  9. Kerry, That was a great summary of the Paleo for Athlete's book. Here's another one to think about:

    "The total response to the consumption of the protein-carbohydrate drink immediately before exercise was greater than the response when the drink was consumed immediately after! Furthermore, the drink resulted in a change from a catabolic (breakdown) state to an anabolic state due to an increase in protein synthesis; something you would clearly want no matter what your physique goals.

    It appears that pre-workout drinks enhance the availability of amino acids via enhanced blood flow (from the exercise) during a workout, which prevented, or reduces the body from breaking down muscle tissue, as it normally does during an intense workout. This is definitely positive news and a little different than the recommendations you've probably heard up until this point.

    Most of the time it's recommended to eat or drink something immediately after your workout; now it looks like pre-workout drinks may be better for your muscles. Unfortunately one study just scratches the surface in this developing area of research and muscle growth; however, you have to start somewhere and this opens up and interesting avenue of investigation.

    Tipton KD, Rasmussen BB, Miller SL, et al.
    Timing Of Amino Acid-Carbohydrate Ingestion Alters Anabolic Response Of Muscle To Resistance Exercise.
    American Journal Of Physiology & Endocrinology Metabolism, 281:E197-E206, 2001

  10. Thanks for the info about approaching WODs, Kerry & Rudy - but my question like Liz's is "When" and "How much".

    Timing and quantity is my struggle too. If I eat too close or too much, I feel like puking or too heavy to move. If I eat too far away or not enough, I gas out or lack strength because those precious calories have been used up. Help!

  11. Rudy~ so you are saying it is OK to have the coconut water pre-work out?!~ that sounds delicious.

    I am taking in all the comments- keep em rolling


  12. Rudy:

    I agree with what you have to say but just to add my 2 cents. When looking at protien systhesis pre-workout many studies have been published that protien intake 30-45min (shake)pre is a must. If you are able to consume whole food then you need to gage the timing (how you feel before and during wod) but I would say hour and 1/2 before. I am only talking about 10-20g. Protien (pre) before (not carbs) will aid in sysnthesis. No one ever wants to be in a catabolic state.
    feel free to rip this thought apart....

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