Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your Paleo Team

Teams are out. Please contact myself or Rudy if you need to know how to get in touch with your teammates. I want this to be a true team challenge where you can motivate and share your tips, diet, and anything else that's happening. The competition itself for the performance side will be based off performance, diet adherence/accountability (track this somehow), and teamwork. The weight loss side will be based off percentage change for your team. So, if you haven't weighed in with anyone do so now! There will also be a handful of performance challenges throughout the workout.

Rudy, Amy A, Billy Q
Glenn, Mark B, Heather
EricKM, Bryce, Joy
Jonny, Erin C, Erika
Nate, Ben, Carlo
Matt W, Todd, Bowen
Tara, Anthony D, Abbey
Zack, John K, Erin A
Scott, Emi, Emily E
WIll, Cameron, Anjali

Weight Loss
Mia, Terry L, Karen
Akeshia, Dan L
Dina, Sarah WP, Tina
Alison G, Gina, Julie
Tannia, SarahW, Adam
Andrea, Danny
Jeni, Megan T
Suzanne, Holly, Kori
Jen K, Lindsey, Beth
Mandie, Molik, Carp
Mike D, Christina K

If your name is not on the list and you want to participate, please get in contact with me!


  1. West Loop'ers you will still be going Paleo! You're challenge is going to be slightly modified since you're programming will be different. Derek and I will be in talks.

  2. I must have been the red headed step child in the room no one wanted!?!?!?! SO sad!

  3. Scott, I'd be willing to roll hard with you on this challenge. Also, no offense to anyone else on either list, but Anjali is on the weight loss side of this challenge? That HAS to be a mistake!

  4. what are the prizes for the challenge?

  5. A couple corrections to make. New Performance Team.

    Emi, Scott, Emily E

    There are a couple of other adjustments to be made as well. BillyS, did you want in?

  6. AmyA and BillyQ can we be team "Unhappy Meal"!?!?!??!?!

  7. RUDY iand JONNY are going paleo??my heart just stopped.

  8. Another new Performance Team

    WIll, Cameron, Anjali

  9. Ha! Thank goodness. After a whole year of putting on weight, I thought Bryce was trying to tell me something!