Monday, October 11, 2010

Paleo Challenge

I've been on the fence on how exactly I want this challenge to be done. In my opinion, it is much more powerful for you to make this YOUR challenge. I do want everyone who is participating to weigh-in with myself, Rudy, or Zack, and Rudy has been kind enough to offer body fat tests for those competing in the Weight Loss Division. However, as far as the pictures go, I want you to do this on your own. If you want us to do this I'm happy to help, but the more responsibility you take the more likely you'll be to succeed. The more you document your results and journey the more powerful this is for yourself and helping others.

This can be a life changing challenge. It WILL improve your health and CrossFitting abilities. I would like to think that this is something everyone would be interested in doing. Have fun with it. Feel free to contact me, Bryce, with any questions at all throughout the challenge.


  1. so I found this place:

    I just made a 5# bag of custom trail mix that is just about the same as paleokits (-jerky). It has some other good stuff as well.

  2. For anyone new to paleo, Jess's blog has some good paleo recipes to start you off.

  3. Thanks everyone who has contacted me. Unfortunately the 20 cut has been made. I will still offer up to do body comp readings but not the full assessment. Post any questions/concerns.

  4. Glenn and others - be careful on that trail mix, depending on what your goals are on this challenge. If it's anything like traditional trail mix, it's loaded with dried fruit. Read that as high in sugar and carbs. Just a piece of advice.