Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welcome or welcome back!!!

Welcome or welcome back to the nutrition blog. This page will be used for those who decide to accept the challenge to change their dietary ways for the next 45 days. We will answer question/concerns in the comments and also post information for your support. If you are new or old look back at some of the archived posts as they have some great info.

All weight loss team members are required to do a 3 site measurement to test body comp. Ladies at the tricep, the iliac (the lovehandle) and the thigh. Fellas at the chest, abd, and thigh. Please contact Bryce or Rudy to set up a time. This needs to be done preworkout/presweating. Your skin composition changes as it starts to exert sweat. (For those in either category that want a really in-depth assessment see the post below.)


  1. Teams will be assigned once we get all entrants. This should be done mid to late this week. Don't let that be a reason to get 2-3 more cheat days. Get started now!!

  2. Bryce - you didn't mention you were psychic. I will admit to "1 last good cheat" last night :-)

  3. Feel free to either email me at zack at crossfitchicago dot com or to just post questions here and we'll answer them as best as possible and will try and include some follow up reading/info as well.

    Day 1 started this morning for me. I made up the max 30x0 tempo back squat and weighted pullups from last week today and also did the 20:60 row for 8 intervals.

    We had chicken last night, so made chicken stock in our crockpot over night. So, for my post wod meal I pulled some of the scrap meat, livers, heart, etc out of the stock along with a small banana. Breakfast was more of the chicken scraps and about a cup of stock that didn't fit into the two canning jars. Tasty!

    This was the first time using the crock pot for making stock, it was really convenient, but we won't be doing it overnight again. About 1:30 this morning I woke up because the stock smell was so intense throughout the house and was still smelling it the rest of the night and didn't really get back into a deep sleep. Lilly will have to put up with it during the day for now on.

  4. JJ and I aren't participating in the challenge but we'll be following paleo like everyone else (been going strict for about 2 weeks or so for me - I've got ketones!).

    Will be posting some recipes / meal ideas over on my blog over the next few weeks. Also, feel free to contact me (donnachung34 at gmail) if you want some ideas. JJ's the creative cook.