Sunday, October 23, 2011


I've used the count up method on this blog many times and think the countdown will work much better. Getting nervous about ramping up to the Thanksgiving holiday going Paleo but it's only 30 days. Looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing and methods to cope around Halloween candy! Weigh-in and pics are going to be sooooo fun tomorrow!


  1. question: would a goal of lowering fat % and increase muscle mass be SMARTE enough for the paleo challenge?

    yay! another shot another day! get some!

  2. How much fat and how much muscle? Do I need to make you read Glenn's article again?

    See me if (you have it on paper and) you want to goal set!

  3. Good question T. It's interesting how different everyone's goals are- I've certaily heard from many who want weightloss, a number want to gain, and I'm sure there's others like me who don't want to lose or gain.

  4. um ... which one?! the kid's written a book! :)

    bryce did the poliquin with me ... and you know everything i do pretty much goes towards 1 goal in life (climb big f'ing mountains with matt)

    ... so yes, "weight" isn't as important as the simple goal you helped me set in march ... long & heavy work

  5. and yes, bryce helped me set a pretty specific set of goals post-wedding:

    1. decrease fat % from 19 to 15
    2. body comp on my poliquin sheet
    3. deadhangs (and some WOD I can't remember)

  6. It seems dinners at 10:45 aren't the best idea :-( Starving!