Monday, October 24, 2011




Okay so I changed yesterday's post name. So when did you start your paleo challenge? Did you do something (good/bad) to kick it off? Shop and prep? Eating everything in site that you can't have for 30 days? What are you scared of most in the next 30?


  1. we threw everything non-paleo out ... or ate it ... also placed a big order at the turkey jerky place ...

    right now i'm mostly afraid of the food at the 2 weddings i have to go to over the next 3 weeks ...

  2. Its funny,I woke up yesterday and immediatly got anxious when I remembered about the challenge. So I started early with a quasi paleo day yesterday, to jumpstart myself.
    In addition, I have a supportive fiance that went out and bought paleo strict food last night while I was in the meeting! She doesn't crossfit but wants to try this challenge with me. Its going to make this musch easier.

  3. To kick off the challenge, Lizzie and basically had a "cheat weekend" since our good friend got married. We usually don't worry about being strict when it comes to weddings and other big social events anyway, but this time we _really_ didn't care.

    In preparation, I finished off the last of the leftover wings from Crisp so Lizzie didn't have that burden...

    ...and we restocked on fish oil.

  4. T - Can you post the link to your turkey jerky lady?

  5. I'm really sad that there are pics of shitty "food" on the paleo support blog. that messes me up!

  6. i like how you called it "food"

    if you sign up for the newsletter, they send coupons! although maybe i should reach out to her and ask if she'll do something for us like zack gets for the farm co-ops

  7. I was going to say the same thing, Elisabeth. Good call. Where's the bacon pics!?