Friday, February 26, 2010

Espresso Machine

So who wants to tell me what is the biggest differences in a espresso machine and a coffee maker? We have a coffee maker at the box currently but should we get an espresso machine? I love me some Americanos but I am no barista. I also love my plain-jane DD coffee.


  1. i love espresso. it's way better than coffee and you can drink less and get a better kick. stronger. more delicious.

    the other difference? espresso machines are totally more expensive (like 1000). unless you get a combo coffee/espresso machine from krups (closer to 200).

  2. Espresso machines come in many different forms. You can get a super automatic, which means you press a button and out comes espresso. But it's very expensive to get a good one. If you don't get a good one, you'll get some horrible espresso that is both very bitter and weak.

    You can get an automatic or semi-automatic, plus a grinder, which can be potentially cheaper, and it means you have to do all the barista stuff, but literally, you have to know what you're doing so only certain people can use the machine, or you get a full time barista in the box (can we???).

    So your only realistic and safe option is a super-automatic espresso machine for around $700 and up. Costco is best for this BTW. It's a lot, but Donna and I have made back our money multiple fold by not buying our lattes outside anymore.

    Or stick to drip coffee, which is good also.

  3. If it's really just for your own use in the mornings, consider getting an automatic and learn and practice making good espresso. Think Eric K.M. knows his espresso stuff and could probably teach you.

  4. I think JJ pretty much summed it up. If you want good espresso, lattes, capuchinos etc... with the minimal amount of fuss, go with the super-automatic. You can save a bit of money if you want to learn how to grind and tamp the espresso (which I actually like doing) you can go the semi-automatic route. However, if you are going this method, getting a good grinder is more important than getting a good espresso machine. Grinding your own beans makes a huge difference in the quality.

    I am going to throw a curve ball at you though. If you are not interested in lattes, you can get good espresso and americanos by using an AreoPress which costs < $30. This is actually what I am drinking right now. It makes very smooth espresso.

  5. Get a keurig its more crossfitable.

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