Sunday, February 7, 2010


Alright, Sorry about the crazy long time without posting. For those of you that are still alive and lurking... and or participating. What do you do when you have family get togethers or go on vacation??? You really want to stay clean but you definitely can shun off the family cooked meal correct? What's your strategy?


  1. I would love to hear what others say about this topic as I'm always a sucker for my mom's home cooking which typically contains a lot of rice, salted protein, and little to no vegetables.

    Last two visits however, I did buy some more paleo friendly items that were great for my solo meals, but whenever there was a family dinner, it was rice and beef all the way.

  2. When I visit the fam, I tell them I will cook all the meals. That way, I can eat Paleo friendly dishes while looking like the angel of a daughter that I am by cooking for my fam :)

    Vacationing is a different story. If possible, I attempt to find Paleo-ish options but often find myself cheating...

  3. If I'm eating just one meal with family or going out for a meal with friends, I make sure I eat something before and don't go on an empty stomach. I can control myself much better that way.

    If I'm going on vacation, I look for the most delicious food there is and eat a lot of it. (Doesn't everyone pick where they go on vacation based on the food of the locale? No? Just me?)

  4. Zack and I usually make a grocery trip right away when we visit family or go on vacation. We try to at least get some good paleo friendly breakfast and snack options.

    I'm not as particular as Zack is when it comes to family meals. I usually just eat whatever is served. Zack will make special requests (when it's his side of the family) or make something of his own. Zack's mom has gotten really good about making sure there are pleanty of fruits and veggies for us to eat (and even coconut milk!) when we visit. Although, she still thinks we're a little crazy.

  5. I've been eating differently from my family for a lot of years, so they've gotten used to it, sort of. My mother used to panic about what to feed me, but now we just go grocery shopping together as soon as I get to her house. The last couple of years, I've made a point of cooking meals when I visit and my family actually seems to like what I make (I almost fell off my chair when my younger brother ate 2 helpings of roasted Brussels sprouts). Siblings, nieces, nephews generally think I'm too picky, though. But I'm the only sibling of 4 who has no chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. Go figure.
    On vacation, I generally look for to high-quality, clean food, but also indulge in a little wine and worth-the-calories desserts on occasion.