Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goal #1 - Kick the grains, legumes, dairy (GLD)

I wasn't at Bryce's Friday session, but looking back on Saturday's session fruit came out of the conversation fairly bruised.  Just to clarify, that's because eating only real food and removing the GLD was taken as a given. 

If you already had most grains out of your diet, then by all means jump right in to cutting back on some of the fruit to achieve your weight loss goals.  If your typical day was oatmeal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner, then clean that up first.  Of course we'd suggest replacing those meals with one's composed primarily of meat and veggies, but adding in fruit to those meals is a far better option than just cutting back on the GLD.

If you're losing a will power battle with curing a sugar fix and choosing between an apple turnover and a banana.  We'd be all for the banana!  Heck, chop it up and poor a little coconut milk over it and you've got a decent desert.


  1. to be honest this is my first time doing Paleo and let me tell you that no one in this gym needs this more then me. The good thing is that the diet has been relatively easy. My only issues have been my glass of OJ in the morning and the cream and sugar i put in my coffee everyday. I have been lucky to find alternatives that work and i hope this positive attitude remains because the last thing we need is a pissed off fat kid.

  2. SH - Sounds like some great work so far! If you don't mind to let the group know what you've found as subs, that would be helpful for all.

  3. I have been adding coconut milk in my coffee, which gives me the appearance of dairy and the coconut flavor may not be sugar, but it is good enough. Also, I have just been doubling my water intake to substitute my OJ passion. So far I have not been going crazy. It’s amazing what you crave when you are dieting. I am dying for a slurpy even though I can’t even remember the last time I have even had one.

  4. we love coconut milk - for coffee, gravies, and when we're looking for "something filling"

    we've also added actual fruit to juice intake (in our case, grapefruit) ... it works for us, but not sure if that helps as we are on a weight gain/performance track.

  5. Ok, most of the reason why I'm participating in the paleo challenge is to help me kick the raging junk food addiction I've developed since September ... so I'm going to take Rudy's advice about getting a few paleo-AA-partners to keep me straight. Any takers?

    Dead serious, I just drove to D&D's, parked, and almost went in. Distracting myself online/cell is not helping either. I am REALLY craving ice cream and the iced mocha death right now...

  6. @ SH - "the last thing we need is a pissed off fat kid!"


  7. i'm plugging everything into and wondering what my pie graph percentages should be for fat, protein, and carbohydrates? i am not performance focused, just more interested in shaping up and shedding a few pounds.

    and, am i supposed to get this excited at the thought of having a banana as a treat? :)

  8. I just finished week one of the angriest diet in the world. Paleo is to Brett as gamma radiation is to Bruce Banner. In the first week I've survived two work dinners, one work breakfast, I walked past 17 hot dog/pretzel/"meat" vendors in NYC (yes, I counted), and passed up NY pizza 37 times. But my favorite display of self control was when I didn't lick the spoon I used to make my son's chocolate milk.
    On the plus side, my pants are falling off me.
    On the minus side, I need new pants.

    @Tery - I highly recommend getting a sponsor. I texted Eileen twice this week and she was a huge help. I would recommend recruiting someone that has been through this before and survived.
    @ELH - A banana is not a "treat". I agree. But I've been eating dates and various fruit (sparingly) for my sweet fix.

  9. Awesome post Brett! Laughed my ass off!!!!

  10. Tery - you can call me any time! So can anyone else trying Paleo. They don't call me the Ambassador for nothin'.


    Keep it up - it's soooo worth it!