Thursday, May 19, 2011


I told everyone about it at both Paleo meetings to get a sponsor and have their cell number. When days 7-10 roll around and you have a cheese danish roll in your hand and are about to throw 7-10 days of work down the drain, your sponsor will save you. I promise!!!

I honestly have 2 sponsors. Scott and JohnK. They both have been a ton supportive and as much of an a-hole I can be I hope that I help them stay on track here and there.

I promise you somewhere in your 30 days you are going to wish you had that damn number! Get it now!!!


  1. I would be happy to be a sponsor for anyone who needs one! Last Paleo challenge I reached out to Bryce a lot, and got encouragement from Danny. Made a HUGE difference. 773-307-6670 is my cell.

    As I said before, they don't call me the Ambassador for nothin'.

  2. Andrea,
    I'm taking you up on that! And I'm going to get my blog caught up this weekend and make sure I'm posting meals and WODs.

    Ali G

  3. Andrea, thank you! I'm taking you up on it. I actually drove to D&D a couple of days ago and sat there on the verge of tears ... I also snapped at Matt last night and it wasn't pretty


  4. I am almost done with my first week of Paleo. For the most part it hasn’t been that bad. The hardest part was how my body reacted after a tough workout. I immediately wanted to drink a gallon of orange juice or chocolate milk. I came home ate a good meal (remained very angry) but I made it through it. I hope things get easier. I am really blessed to have a wife to suffer through this diet with me. She doesn’t need it but is doing it to support me. Gotta love it.

    The thing I really wanted to talk about was F-in Fran. I have had alot of hard workouts in my days but I feel that was the worst. It may be the fact that I am out of shape but afterwards I needed a young priest and an old priest to keep me from going towards the light. I am really not looking forward to doing that workout again. Every time I say the name of the workout it comes out with a very angry voice. Pray for me.

  5. Quick question - where is my best option for getting unfrozen good quality meat? Whole Foods? I'm trying to use just stuff from Meadow Haven but it takes forever to thaw and I don't have the time patience to do the cool water thawing method. I'm operating under the assumption that stuff from Jewel or where ever isn't the best... any advice?

  6. @ MattK I found good organic, free-range chicken, beef, and bison at costco... assuming that you beat one of us to their little treasure trove of it ... ;)

  7. I haven't had too many will power issues yet. Wait, does looking at your coworker next to you eating his burger and fries with an ice cold coke and wanting to choke him out and devour the contents of his stomach count? Okay maybe I do need a support system.

  8. Tried out pumpkin paleo "pancakes" today. A total no-go. Did not taste either sweet or savory and was too eggy. I have found the only thing that fills my craving for starchy foods is the sweet potato. Had it once in over baked "fries" and another time in a hash with onions and peppers. If anyone else has suggestions on foods that seem to fill the craving for starchy foods (i.e. pancakes, bread), please share.

    My husband made paleo friendly "ramen" tonight. Much better than the pancakes!